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Monday, July 25, 2011

What am I doing all time at home?

Yeah! It is me asking! You know, I'm a busy bee these days. As I'm able to walk on my own I don't really need anybody's help to explore the house. I'm running through all the corners of the house and walking even outside of the house. 
I'm cooking... what do you want to have today???
I don't even stop for anything. Amma has to catch me for giving bath and for giving food. And as I'm grown up now and know few words, I can understand what they talk! Whenever Amma ask me to get bath, I will run away from her and I make her to run behind me! Not only for this but for all :-) 
Oh! Come on Baby...
By reading this and after seeing some of my photos, you might be thinking that I have become so naughty! Yeah! you need not change your mind, I'm Naughty these days. I don't know why and I really don't know how I became like this. It may be because I'm grown up and able to walk and run, so that I don't need their help to go here n there! 
Taking for a walk!!!
I go behind Amma until she starts to office and after that I go behind my Amatha (my granny) all time. My all time favorite place is Kitchen. I don't know what she does there but she will be making some utensils noise and preparing something. Somehow I ask her to take me and show the stove so that I can watch what my granny is preparing! and sometimes it would be Yummy food for me!!!

Helping Amatha for cooking!!!
When I talk about playing, I would say that I love to drive my car, and take the baby doll and explore the house with her. It is funny sometimes when I think of myself, coz' I would ask baby doll to have her food and ask her to use the potty. :P that too when I don't feel like doing that!
Wanna a ride???

Oh! Tough time after super mess up!!1
So, Amma somehow I'm passing my time when you are not at home! I'm a good girl and as you know I don't disturb Amatha much!

At last Amma is at home and I'm resting on her!!!
-- Love Thamizhini.

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