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Monday, July 4, 2011

Exploring Pets

This was the last day in native and we visited my granny's place. I had been planning to take Thamizhini there, but today only it happened. Thamizhini was always excited in native as it was totally a new environment and was seeing new people now and then!

My granny's house is located in the middle of agriculture land and it was totally greeny whereever you see. And what caused more excitement to Thamizhini is Animals; yeah, pet animals. They have Cows, Buffalos, Goats and a Dog. She was so happy to see all. As we are here in Chenni, we can see only Dogs everywhere. :D Even though she wanted to touch all the pets, her fear towards pets did not allow; so just watched them all time.

Thamizhini's mama always make her fussy and then try to play with her. Look at the below video how her mama calls her to see Hen and how she reacts to that! I liked her expression much when she says No to him.

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