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Monday, July 18, 2011

What did Sharmi Aunty buy for you?

I got a gift from Sharmila Aunty for my Birthday! Any guess what it was? 
Oh! My God... How to open this??? What is inside???

Oh! Is it for me?? Thank you Aunty

Ennanu thaan sollungale pls....
It was a wonderful Toy Car. I liked it very much. I like to drive this car everywhere inside the house. Whenever I'm bored I press a horn button and it sings a song for me.  
Can I go for a ride????
 It has a luggage box also, I used to put some of my toys and take it for a round! I know how to ride this using my legs. 
Ah... What is this? Toys carrier????
And sometimes I will ask my Appa to push the car for me.  I will keep my legs little bit up on the front part of the car and car will move very fast (and furious too) !!  

Taking Baby doll for a ride!!!
I like that very much. I take my baby doll also along with me whenever I ride this. I love this toy car so much. Thankyou Sharmi Aunty for this awesome gift.


So now you guys know who bought this and for what. I ask Thamizhini now and then to make her understand that the gift is from Sharmi Aunty. As she can not tell her name, I ask her like "Sharmi Aunty enna vangi koduthanga" and as a answer she shows her hands to the Car. Wow.... 


  1. Wov! Superb expressions Thamizhini! What a curiosity? What an enthusiastic?
    Even i thank to Sharmi to made her happy!! :-)

    - Vadivu

  2. Ya Vadivu... Chumma antha box -eh suthi suthi vandha. Actually what she was carrying in empty box. We were telling Car- eh vida antha box thaan pidichirukum pola nu.