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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thrilled to Bits

Any Idea... Any Guess... What caused this excitement to Thamizhini? Yeah, this weekend was the first time that we had been to beach with Thamizhini!!! She was so much delighted to see the sea for first time.

I could still remember that she was not laughing at me but was smiling. I knew that she was so happy to see that sandy land and she must be wondering where she has come with Amma and Appa. Nowadays she is OK kinda with over crowd unless they disturb her. So she was enjoying the evening with us and walked holding our hands in the beach.  If I'm right she made 10 steps easily! Hurrayyyyyyyy Thamizhini...!!! But after that I took her in my hands as we can expect only less cleanliness in the beach, that too on weekends.

Amma, you always pose with me! just leave me now, I wanna play.
We sat on the beach for sometime and thought that we can leave Thamizhini in the water to play for sometime. I changed her dress and she went with her Dad to play in the water. I was thinking that whether she will play in the water or will be scared to get down in that. But to my surprise, she got down from her Appa's hand and started walking on the wet sand towards the water where waves are coming. Nalin hold her hands and she was happy to wet her legs in the water and even very much happy to drench herself when big waves pushed water over her. She didn't scared for a second even though big waves came and swallowed sand with it. It was really enjoyable to see her playing. 
Chweet family...
She did not really mind any one there. She was playing as if she is the only one in that area. We had taken few snaps and videos over there. I was more of concentrated on her playing than clicking pictures.

Appa enna vitraatheenga..

Yaaru ivlo soap potta? Ivlo foam????

Wow.... Its really exciting...
I will upload few videos later but now only photo show. I was so happy that at last we have made it. And we are thinking to take her to the beach at least once or twice in a month. Let us see how it goes.... :-) 

At last I got some time to sit...
Thanks Appa for taking me here...!!!

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  1. So so soooo nice !!! Thamizhini rocks in all the photos. Its really a good experience and fun filling time for the kids in the beach.