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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Are you boy?

This is what happened last week in Thamizhini's school! It is really very funny to hear from her.

A boy who sits next to her asked it seems:
Boy : Are you boy or girl?
Thamizhini: I'm girl.
Boy: Then why are you wearing a boy's pant?
Thamizhini : [She did n't tell me what she told to that boy]

But I felt "Owwww (hmm... may be Vadivelu style)".

Do I look like a boy or what?
He just asked because of that Pant (yes exactly the above one)? I'm not sure!!! But I hope, she has a boy cut (??? really, we did mottai recently and only that much has grown :D) and that blue color pant with red flowers made him to ask that question. Hmm... still Owwwww.....

This is just an another proof that everything starts from the school.

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  1. School is the first place where kids learn the practicality.