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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Are you boy?

This is what happened last week in Thamizhini's school! It is really very funny to hear from her.

A boy who sits next to her asked it seems:
Boy : Are you boy or girl?
Thamizhini: I'm girl.
Boy: Then why are you wearing a boy's pant?
Thamizhini : [She did n't tell me what she told to that boy]

But I felt "Owwww (hmm... may be Vadivelu style)".

Do I look like a boy or what?
He just asked because of that Pant (yes exactly the above one)? I'm not sure!!! But I hope, she has a boy cut (??? really, we did mottai recently and only that much has grown :D) and that blue color pant with red flowers made him to ask that question. Hmm... still Owwwww.....

This is just an another proof that everything starts from the school.


  1. School is the first place where kids learn the practicality.

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