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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Are you boy?

This is what happened last week in Thamizhini's school! It is really very funny to hear from her.

A boy who sits next to her asked it seems:
Boy : Are you boy or girl?
Thamizhini: I'm girl.
Boy: Then why are you wearing a boy's pant?
Thamizhini : [She did n't tell me what she told to that boy]

But I felt "Owwww (hmm... may be Vadivelu style)".

Do I look like a boy or what?
He just asked because of that Pant (yes exactly the above one)? I'm not sure!!! But I hope, she has a boy cut (??? really, we did mottai recently and only that much has grown :D) and that blue color pant with red flowers made him to ask that question. Hmm... still Owwwww.....

This is just an another proof that everything starts from the school.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Wow... Thamizhini started regular school!

Wow... Thamizhini started regular school from Today.... Hurray! Yes especially TODAY, she is excited to go to school, because the school is new, big, lot of fun and play and of course all new. She was telling me that she will go to school in the school bus happily. Yes, Today she kept her words.

Though she started school around 2 years back, this is a big milestone for her as this is regular school and of course long hours, not just 2hrs. We have had faced so many problems sending her school in the last years, but we hope this year she should be OK, as she is grown up now and it is a regular school which runs for long hours.

Yeah, I have given a long break for blogging since a year but I wrote this today, because I'm little nervous and missing her at home. Not only me, just everyone at home. Everybody is bored without her. Oh! Even my team at office will miss her chatters over the headphone on the scrum call. It was around 3.5 months she was continuously at home with us after her nursery ended at Kidzee Ecity

I could see blooming eyes, happy-smiling face and all EXCITED. When the bus came in, she told Bye Amma and said bye Appa and Appuchi as well, then got on the bus. That is it! No fuss.

Fuss was there when she got up, yeah, it is really early morning and even I felt same! She has little tummy problem these days, saying its paining and I though she felt same in the morning and that is why that Fuss. After a while, she got ready to go to school with her bag and you know what, she has kept few little lovely things in her bag. Hmm... she has kept Chota Bheem Magnet and her Froggy toy. :-) I know, I need to allow all these things until she sets down in the new environment.

Last Saturday we had Parents Orientation program in the school and they explained about school, how it functions and activities performed in the school. Then the PYP co ordinator elaborates how PYP works and per day activites for kids. Thamizhini could not resist her interest to go out to play area and forcing me to go out with her :-D. When we visited her class room, it was wonderful to see kid's name on the door of her class room and When I asked Thamizhini to find her name, she could find her name (though she little confused with some name starts with Tha*).

Amma, see my name, Thamizhini!
Thamizhini was very keen to come out the hall and play in the ground. There were few Rabits and Turkeys, by seeing them she was very happy and told me that she would talk to them every day and make friendship with them. What a funny thing to do at school....!!!

Happy to play!!!
Few more photos to show her happiness...

Happy Jumping!!!
 Ok.. Now I need to really think about tomorrow's plan? It all depends on her first day TODAY! If she was Ok in the school, liked school and enjoyed then she would be getting up with a grin on her face tomorrow morning, otherwise I know her tummy will pain much :-)

Happy after school!!!
Update you tomorrow then!!!