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Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Don't Want to Take Bath

I Don't Want to Take a Bath

"I don't want to take bath!" cries Little Tiger. Even though Mommy Tiger tells her taking a bath is fun, Little Tiger does not agree!

I think I have to buy this book and read for her,then I hope she might get interested to take bath! In earlier days when she was very little, I mean 6 or 7 months old, she never cried for bathing. But recent days I do not remember any days that she came for bath without crying. Yeah, I understand the reason behind this. Yes, I do not allow her for playing in the water. Because in the morning it will be very tough for me to leave office in time, if  I leave her in water to play. Getting away from water is more tedious than taking her to bath! :D Also our bath room is too small and it is not child proofed too. So I worry very much to leave her there to play.

Today I asked her like "Will go for bath" she said, mm... mm... meaningfully yes to me without understanding the real meaning in it. When I asked for "Kulichikalama", she understands that and hesitates to go for bath! My poor girl did not understand English :-)

Sometimes it is very funny to be with her by seeing all her little actions. My dirty darling, love you da, even though you don't like to take bath.


  1. So cute da Thamizhini ... Intha oru visayathula mattum thaan ne unga Amma maathiri irukka .. kulikka pidikkama ;)

  2. Epdi Bena, Kandupidiche? 100% correct. - Dhama.