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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

13th Month

Whoa... Whoa! Thamizhini is One year and one month old! Whenever I see toddlers, I think of my kid that when she will be growing up and walks without our help and does some of the things on her own. Because, I used to see toddlers' mom relaxing on the park and chit chatting with their friends.
Evening fun...!!!
Now Thamizhini is able to walk completely without our help, able to ask whenever she needs something like water, toys kinda then,able to understand completely what we talk to her (at least to her context), knows to feed herself with spoon and even with her hands, able to hold sipper and knows how to drink water even it is only few drops left, knows how to use Potty when required!
Examining Baby doll
 Not done!!! Yeah... able to get down from the bed, able to identify her toys and its names, plays nicely in Swing, identifies some of the objects like TV Remote, Mobile phone and Appuchi's spex,  identifies everyone at home, identifies the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms... Oh! Oh! basically she knows almost everything which she needs.
Changing Channels and showing to Amatha!
Applying Thiruneeru to Amma!!
But here is the point. Read the above paragraph again and give full attention where ever I said that "she knows". Yes. She knows to do that! but she NEVER EVER does that. That too, mainly using Potty's.
Lots of complaints... ??? Ithellam enaku romba saatharanamappa!!!
As we had one year check up for her, we visited her pediatrician and she told that her weight and height is good and as per the chart. Also she examined her body and asked about her activities. Dr. asked us whether she catches ants and tries to take it. 

Tight hug to Amma!!!
I was wondering why she was asking like that, but later I came to know that she was testing her eye sights. So for a one year child, she has to get up on her own, has to walk and point out for what she wants! I'm happy as my child does all these things. :-)
Kissing Amma...
With my Amatha... while visiting pediatrician.

Nowdays she knows how to express her feelings too! Earlier she sometimes does herself without knowing what she is doing! But these days, she knows how to give a hug, how to kiss, how to pray to God and top of all these, she knows how to be naughty ALWAYS.
What else I can do being at home all time!!!


  1. Sweet Thamizhini....
    Yes she knows everything!!!
    She is naughty & lovely...

    - Vadivu

  2. sweet little girl....

    life's like that....

    a small tiny world....

    i could see an old friend...

    its only possible by zeroes and ones...

  3. Hey Raghu! If im right u r my school classmate. Nice to meet u. Yep! Its al b'coz of 0s n 1s. Hope u r doing good. Write me abt u. Take care n keep in touch.