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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fun time with Daddy

Dads are always famous for rough playing and Nalin is no different from them. He does / tries all the ways to make Thamizhini laugh. He sometimes makes loud and scary noises just to get a mad laugh from her. It is all for ONE reason that he wants to make a tight bond with his daughter. And there's no doubt that our little one is fascinated to see him playing roughly! Check out the video to know how they both play.

These days Thamizhini is much attracted to books. She gets her book in hand and talks something with that. She has "Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you See?" and this is the one, her Dad must read to her whenever she wants. Because the book is very much Picture Perfect and It is made up of bold colored collage of animals.

I'm Born with this book!

She likes to see Green Frog, Gold Fish and White Dog much. Her dad asks questions like "Where's the dog?" or "Where's the eyes of Frog?" and shows her where it is. So next time when we move to the same page, she voluteriley tells us the parts that we have shown her last time. There is Gold Fish in the book and we taught her like "inge oru fish and ange oru fish" by showing our hand to the neighbors house as they have small fish tank. Thamizhini use to see that whenever we cross the house. So next time when she sees the Fish in book, she used show her hand to the neighbors house too! Yeah! she remembers it!
Appa, See long legs...!!!
Also her Daddy plays differently from me, so Thamizhini enjoys more and she knows that each one has their own play styles and she expects as per that. Whatever it is, but I can say that Thamizhini enjoys reading, whether we sit down with a picture book or read the same book over and over again.

Amma, tell me what story you want, I will read for you!!!
Sometimes she alone takes some book, sees picture on her own and tell about the picture to us. We always try to capture these kinda moments, but she never caught in! Anyhow check out the below video

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