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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thamizhini's Interest in Bharatanatyam

We know that kids are very much attracted to Music and its basically some kind of soothing noise or  energetic to keep them on toe and dance. Kids from our apartments learn Bharatanatyam and the teacher comes to our apartment and teach them. The class is scheduled after school hours or in the weekends. It is really a good experience to see them learning Bharatanatyam. 

We used to take Thamizhini to park in the evening and sometimes we watch kids learning and practising Bharatanatyam. Thamizhini quietly listens to that Thaalam (or what we have to say for that) "Tha Thai Tha Thai" watch akkas dancing. Later once she come home, she chants that "Tha Thai" day and night. I used to worry that if she make any noise (being 10 months old is really small to understand the word disturbance), that will disturb the kids or distract them from dancing. But to my surprise, she maintained pin drop silence there and just watched them.

Once she started walking and that too walking without any one's help, she started trying steps on her own for "Tha Thai". So these days whenever kids are practising we go and watch them for sometime and now it became routine for us as Thamizhini likes to see them always.

I always wonder what does she think when she sees her own face on the mirror or even these days in camera.  Her Amatha used to dress her nicely and show her to mirror saying that "Wow See how cute dress to Thamizhini" and she liked to see it. Even now she likes to see in mirror and whenever she is fuzzy to dress up , we say her that we will dress and see it in Mirror, then she stays calm for 2 to 3 minutes and allow us to dress her up.  As she know how to see herself in mirror, these days she just go to mirror then talks to herself and does funny things like throwing her hands in air, clapping hands, dancing, blabbering and watch it. I'm sure that she enjoys these activities much these days.

We always capture her funny activities and show her that what she had just done. She likes to watch it from mobile / laptop. Check out the video, she is doing Tha Thai and seeing herself in the mirror. In last few frames you could see that she is excited very much to see herself in mirror dancing. Lovely Baby!


  1. Wav.... Super Dhama! Thamizhini rocks!!
    Kutti pappa autograph please...

    - Vadivu

  2. Enna azhaga muthirai pannarae kannamma! Encore!!

    Kumutha athai