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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Playing - Part II

Continued from Part 1

One more incident that me and my parents can't forget is this:  One Saturday, Thamizhini was so cranky in the evening as she woke up early in the morning and did not sleep in the afternoon too. I was calling her to get ready to go to park, but she was not listening to me, laying on the bed and playing. I tried my level best to dress her but she was not at all ready. I left the idea of taking her to park and we all were busy in doing other household chores. Suddenly Thamizhini was saying, "Varen Naren, Varen Naren.. Iru" and ran towards the Balcony. We all shocked because no one at home heard Naren's voice, but she did. My dad used to say that whenever they meet in the park for the first time for the day, they both run shouting each others name and hugs. For Thamizhini, Naren is very sweet to play with, but very hard to fight with.
Lovely one! Kids at play!

The another good friend is Tarun, he recently became good friend to Thamizhini. Generally they don't fight each other and I should say Tarun is very calm and very sweet kid. Yeah, we have few incidents to share about Tarun. As they do not fight, I generally do not get any complaints from Thamizhini. These days their play time is fully occupied with cycling. They always walk with cycle and sometimes Thamizhini will not get her cycle and gets free ride from both the kids. We all feel scary when all three have their cycles, at least Naren and Tarun play carefully, but Thamizhini never. They all rides fast and very fast and stops in middle and all dashes themselves. :-(
One day I was returning from Office, saw Thamizhini in the park and shocked to see her dress. I asked my mom that how come she wore this dress today? as she was not all liked that dress, even though it is a new one. One evening I begged her like anything to make her wear that dress, but she did not like to wear and that day we did not go to play for this reason. My mom was proudly saying that she wore this dress to show Tarun. Yeah, My mom has told her to wear this dress, so that she can show it to Tarun and she wore it. Gosh...
Tarun and his Cycle!
The other day, I met Tarun's mom and we were simply talking about these two kids. She told me one thing that I could not stop laughing. She was telling me that whenever Tarun dresses himself, he tells that "Thamizhini ku intha dress romba pidikum" means, Thamizhini likes this dress very much.

My dad told me this: The other day Thamizhini went to park around 6:30 in the evening and Tarun asked Thamizhini like this: "Eh Thamizhini late panre, seekram va inime" means why are you coming late, come soon from now on.. My goodness...
Apuchi, Don't scold Thamizhini, Enaku pidikathu!
Like this, there are lot of incidents and all of them when we think of it, put smile on our face for sure. This is one more cutest incident. My dad told me this: One day, Thamizhini and Naren both had one stick on their hand and were playing with that. After sometime they both started fighting like, with swords. So My dad went in between and separated them and pulled that sticks from them and thew away. Thamizhini got angry and started crying like crazy. By seeing her, Naren got angry and came to my dad and told him like, "Why did you threw that, see Thamizhini is crying. I'm not playing anymore, I'm going home." He shouted like this and ran towards his home it seems.

Coming soon Part III...

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