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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

School Fun

I went home for lunch this afternoon and Thamizhini was having her lunch. I was simply talking with her and My dad told me to ask her about the snacks that was given to her to have it on the school. I simply started my conversation as below:

Me: Enna da mum sapte inniku? (She daily tell us what we packed on that day)

Thamizhini: Naanu (thinking... and told with normal expression), blue color dress potrundha paapa en mum -me pidungiduchu!.

This is the same answer she told to my parents, when they asked sometime back. But check out below what and all she has told me when I asked!
New goggles :-)
Me: (Shocked, as I hear this for first time) enna da, pidingiducha?
She: hmm... Aama.

Me: Ne enna pannine apram?
She: Naanu adichite (showing action with her hand)

Me: (Smiling...) Adichitiya?
She: hmm... Adi pinnite (happily showing the same action again)

Me: (Shocked again, as we never heard this from her) Ennathu, Adi pinnitiya?
She: Aama, Adi pinni.... (thinking what to add...) Kuthite... (laughing)

Me: (as I don't want to hear any more horror from her...) Apdi ellam panna koodathu da.  Ne Ayah te sollidu, avanga unaku vangi koduthuduvanga, sariya.
She: Hmm.. 

I know about her "Courage" and I'm sure that she wouldn't have asked that lunch box back at all from that baby. Hmmm... Schooling... !She thinks on her own and tells! 

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