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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ready... Set… Go...!

Yep! It is just an another milestone for Thamizhini! I feel like only yesterday I was swaddling my little one and now if I see, she's on her way to school. Oh My God! Yeah, frankly speaking Thamizhini was ready to go to school long back, but we only waited for an auspicious day i.e. "Vijayadasami".
Pooja @ home
Choosing the right preschool was not very tough for us, we visited few schools, in and around and finalized one. Actually I was really looking that preshool should not be a school where kids always with class room activities. As she is just 2.3yrs, I want her to be on her own to enjoy the days with kids and playing around. Yeah, and little activity that teases her brain. 
Neraya padikanum, padichu ethavathu pananum pa!
As yesterday was "Vijayadasami" and as we planned we enrolled her on that day to school, and in the school itslef they had "Vidyāraṃbhaṃ" pooja. So we started from home around 9:30am and we reached there and waited for Pooja to start.
Appa, I'm ready, Come Soon!
The ritual involved an invocation to Lord Ganapati for an auspicious start to the learning process and initiation into the world of syllabary that began with the writing of the mantra. After reaching there, we waited for sometime to Pooja get started. I have to say that tough thing was managing Thamizhini there. Earlier she used to be calm if we go somewhere a place that is new to her. But these days I could not find that Thamizhini. She started playing and she only stopped when we started from there.
I'm with new friend, we are waiting for pooja to start!

Appa, naan nalla padikanum nu vendikonga!
 After pooja, the Iyer asked everyone to come and write on the grains and slate. 
Writing on the grains!
Writing on Slate!
After writing on the grains, Thamizhini started playing with her known friends in the school. Naren, little elder to Thamizhini, but still her best friend and going to the same school, so she was so happy to be there. Apart from him, 3 more kids from our apts go to same to school, so I'm not really nervous to send her to school.
Friends from Doshi!
We are happy that our little one stepped in to a new world and we hope she will enjoy her childhood with her new friends in a new environment.


  1. Anbuvennila Anbazhagan: hey tamizhini....... nallaaaaaaaaa nalllaaaaaaaaaaaa padichu perusa pannuveenga neenga.. ennudaya vazhthukal..

  2. Anni, Can't belive she is going to school already. Time flies by so fast... Please give my love and regards to kutti and everyone in the family !