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Friday, October 26, 2012

First Week Experience @ School

First Week Experience to Thamizhini or me! Hmm... it is for both of us and even for our whole family too! Not only Thamizhini, everybody else at home is excited about her school. When she got up from bed only I was telling her about the school and She was so much interested in getting ready. Usually she will be very much adamant not to take bath, but that day she took bath without any hesitation and cry. She dressed very nicely (usually there would be a big galata to choose her attire) and she was set to go to school.
I'm ready! btw, I'm not going by my bicycle.
Her daddy took her to school and she was very happy to go in the morning in the bike with him. Once they  entered the school, the attenders took her inside to the class room which is located in the first floor. Her daddy told me that he is waiting in the lounge and she started playing inside the classroom. He added that he could hear kids crying seeking their mothers. 
Where do I keep my shoes Appa?
First week was planned to have kids at school only one hour and that includes a snacks-break for them.  Thamizhini somehow managed with new environment and played with given toys. The teacher also told the same, that she is not deviated by seeing other kids crying. I was bit relaxed to hear this. Because I'm bit nervous to think that how she will be managing there.
Appa, I'm done for the day, can we leave now?
Second day also she is very happy and I also joined with them as I was bit curious to know what is happening in the school. While entering the class room she was bit reluctant as she did not not like to leave me and go. But once she is entered in to the class room, she is OK to play there. We packed her chapati for that day and she liked to have it their.
No doubt, I'm on Clouds nine!!!
As this is the first week for new kids, school did not run for other kids. All teachers were busy in engaging the new kids. By the way, what did Thamizhini do in the school? When I peeped into the class room, she was running from one room to other after completing her Chapati. She looked at me, and when I tried to move away she thought that I'm leaving to home without getting her back and started crying. :D Why did i do that :-( Anyhow after few minutes she was OK and started playing! I could see many kids are smaller compared to Thamizhini. No doubt why they cry!!!


  1. When I think she can't get any more cuter....:-)

    Good job Thamizhini with school.

    Kumutha athai.