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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Playing - Part I

I need not worry about allowing Thamizhini to play, as our apartment has its own play area for kids. And Thamizhini for her 2.4 years, she has spent almost all her evenings here only. We started taking her out from her six months and till now she hasn't missed her play time, except few times due to cold / fever or gone out. I'm really very much happy that Thamizhini enjoys her childhood with all time play. Kudos to my in laws and my parents, as they are the one who take her everyday to play.
Sand play!
Initially when Thamizhini was small (I can say, Stage1), she was very calm and quitely watched other kids play from our hand when we sit in the park. Everyone in the park used to say that Thamizhini is so cute and calm. Once she started walking, (stage2), she used to pull her body towards the play items like swing, slides etc. We had to sit with her on the swing and play with her. Once she started talking with few words (may be stage3) like what she wanted, we were in trouble. She always wanted to play and always wanted to go to the park. Till then everything was OK and we could manage her in the park. But I used to think by seeing other kids play, and their parents first and most task in the park is "reconciliation" :D
She started walking, running and talking fluently (stage 4), yeah, it started at her one and half years of age and nothing was in our control. I need not have any more staging for her, because there is no much change in it. Always fighting, complaining and then crying. Gr....
Thamizhini has many friends in the Apts, and many are passer by. But as of now Naren and Tarun are Thamizhini's good friends. They all three play together and some times they make group among three and plays. Yeah, they will leave one alone and play, most time of the time Thamizhini will be alone as she is smaller compared to them and sometimes she cries adamantly so boys leave her n go :D
Apuchi, I'm grown up! I'm able to climb up!
Most of the time Thamizhini's granny will accompany her, but once she is back from park, she used to illustrate all the things that happend in the park. All incidents would be lovely to hear from her and I would love to see her expressions when she talk about them. And of course most of the incidents are about complaining them.
The one incident that she and me cannot forget in our life time is this. This happened around 2.5 months back, but still she remembers and tells me twice in a day. On that day, she casually came home from park after playing and while I was bathing her, she told me this.

Thamizhini: Amma...
Me: Enna da.
Thamizhini: Amma, Naren enakellam cycle kedaiyathunu sollitan.
Me: Eh da apdi sonna?
Thamizhini: Enakellam cycle kedaiyathunu sollitan.
Me: (Repeating) Eh da apdi sonna?
Thamizhini: (Thinking for a while and ) Therile...

Of course there should be some naughty story behind this but she was not ready to share that. Even If I woke her up from sleep and ask, she will tell this. This has been carved in her heart I guess.

Naren: Thamizhini is naugthy!
And these days, Naren become more dependent on Thamizhini and he comes our home by searching for her. And once he is in, he holds Thamizhini's hand and pulls by saying this: "Va Thamizhinii, Velayadam. Va polam." And for first few times she would look at me to seek permission from me. But these days, if he asks, she will run with him. She will not wait me or my mom to accompany her. We had to run behind them. And sometime they both play in our house and Thamizhini likes to share everything to him.

In the evening, if Thamizhini is late to go to playground, Naren would come to the ground floor of our block and calls Thamizhini by saying her name. For first few times Thamizhini was not aware that he is calling her, but later whenever she hears her name, she tells us that "Naren Koopidran", even we would not have heard his sound. 
Moving on to Part II with few more cutest incidents!

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