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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gearing up to sleep - Her Crib

Thanks Sakthi Athai for this wonderful bumpers :-) - Thamizhini

I should say that she enjoyed this by seeing first time, when we put her on the crib, she just turns left and right, and stares at the design. And we struggled a lot to get this pose from her. Somehow we are decorating her crib by n by.


  1. Hi kutti, Un Crib super-a Irukkku.. enakku konjam place tharuviya ithula?

  2. Enakunna , exact-a Enakku illladi ma.. Enga veetleyum , oru kutti paapa irukka.. Avalukku venumaam... So ketten.. Ne unga amma maathiri illama unga appa maathiri valaru.. Ok :)

  3. Oh! apdiya aunty. I'm waiting for Rishmy to join. Naan amma mathiri thaan irupen. But konjama pesa kathikren, appa ve paarthu. :-)