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Monday, November 8, 2010

First Diwali

Yeah! This is Thamizhini's first Diwali. We celebrated this Diwali in Chennai in our house with my parents, bro and in-laws. It was great and good feeling to have all of them in one place in a festival day.

My Diwali Dress, Its a Present from Hari Mama n Saranya Aunty!
Thamizhini did not sleep well because of the sound of crakcers from the previous day of Diwali! The burst sound of crackers was disturbing her sleep too much, But to my surprise she did not get scared for that bursting sound.

On Diwali day, she enjoyed seeing the light that is coming from Electric Sparklers, Chakkra and others and I'm sure she must be surprised to see that and I think she must be thinking whole day about this. But we did not take her outside as crackers made huge sound and even the piece of crackers may accidently hit us. We just stood in our floor and watched it!

Amma! Enough clicking Photos. I need to go to burst crackers.
Finally mama received this dress from his friend, I was worried that this will not fit me as I'm growing!
And last two days she did not sleep in her crib whole night as the crackers sound was disturbing too much! We did co-sleeping and I had to hold and pat her for each and every burst sound. :-) But I think now she wants my closeness while sleeping atleast after 4 or 5 in the morning, hmm... even I like the same.


  1. Thanx Aunty and Amma told me about Rishmy akka. Waiting to see her - Thamizhini :-)