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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My poor little baby!

I was little bit sad on the end of 4th month because of 5th month vaccination we had on Nov 2nd. Initially we felt sad and bad for giving injuction to her as it will be painful for her. Yes, as every parents! As she had birth jaundice in earlier days (and it lasted for a month), we had to give blood sample for bilirubin test. My God, it was really painful feeling to hear her crying. My Mom was with me that time, and tears were sheding from her eyes, hmm.. such a emotional mom she is.

Somehow we managed three to four vaccinations without much fever and other problems. This time too, it went as usual and Dr. told Crocin syrup 6hrs once and ice cubes to the injuction spot. She was calm and quite good after coming home and even slept early. But in mid night she suddenly started vomiting (yes, it is not spit up), she vomited whatever she had from evening. and vomited two more times! I was little bit worried as this is her first time vomiting like this and my little baby was so much tired and she slept in my hand itself! I did not feed her as I suppose not to do soon after vomiting (Googled it). She woke around 6:30 and had milk, that also vomited in another 10 mins and same thing was repeated at 11:30.

I was in terrible shock and came to know that smething that I should do to stop her vomiting, because her stomach is totally empty from the previous day night. I rang our Dr and briefly explained what is happening. She suggested a syrup to stop vomiting and after giving that only her food stayed in her stomach. My God, I dont want this to happen again for my baby. I should ask the reason for this to Dr in our next appointment.


  1. So sad!!! But it is common d dhama... Kids use to vomit at times when they have in-digestion.. Give her Gramhi and beetel Leaves juice once in a week.. Hope you gave her domestol to stop vomitting .

  2. Yeh Bena, Domstal koduthen avaluku. thn only it stopped!