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Thursday, November 11, 2010

4th Month

Thamizhini is 4 months old :-) Look at the photo below and I know you guys are thinking that she started turning over! No, no, Not at all! We turned her like that! :D But to my surprise, she likes to get up and sit (???) Yes, nowdays she does not like to lay on my lap, she tries herslef to get up and sit. I'm worried that my sweet little baby will start walking directly bypassing turning over and crawling! See, How cute she is, in this pose. Dai kuttipaapu, I love to see you like this, so don't bypass and turn over soon darling!!

Too bad! I need some more time to turn over myself!
We have got so many clothes for baby as presents from our friends and I do click whenever she wears it! And I would like to thank them here by showing Thamizhini with their gifts :-)
Thnx for your support Mama.
Nowdays she doesnot close her little mouth, always babbling and making huge noise too! She started talking to herself and I don't know what she will talk with lights? Yes, to the lights (zero watts) in the room and to the A/c power LEDs. May be those small lights will blink to her eyes. It is really nice to see her talking with them and smiling to them! If no body is around her, she makes huge noise and call our attention.

I know, Im always kewl!
I'm surprised to see her activeness sometimes. I'm very happy for one thing that she doesnot cry when she woke up from sleep. She will be seeing the sun light coming from the window and will be lying in her crib / thuli by talking and smiling to herself or to the toys. This scene makes me overwhelming joy always.

Thanks Bala mama, I like this kinda dress!
And finally, I'm overly feeling proud at home you know why, because my little one identifies me and does not go to anyone when she is with me. But would like to go to her Appa SOME TIMES (Yes, only SOME TIMES) I'm very happy about it as this just four months old know who is her Amma and Appa. (Grin.... ) Love you sweetie!!!

Lakshmi Aunty, Thnx, I'm happy!!

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