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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thamizhini and Gayathri

My friend lakshmi had visited us with her family. She has a girl child named "Gayathri" who is very sweet and as well as very naughty! And to my surprise she doesnot stop talking. Even if we ask her to talk for a whole day, I'm sure she is gonna do that and I would love that! 

Gayathri was very happy to see us and she was asking her mom about Thamizhini that she could play with her. She is bit disappointed, as Thamizhini is too small to play with her. But she liked to talk with her and she was telling numbers, alphabets and rhymes!! Gayathri, you are such a adorable darling da.


  1. I thought Thamizhini is listening the lesson.. But finally she proved she is ur kid by sleeping while listening the lesson ;-)