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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Torturing Toys

Thamizhini's interest on each toy stays for maximum of 2 days. After that she is bored of the toy and she will not turn her head that side except for some of her all time favorites. She handles toys nicely, but once she gets angry or gets cranky, that is it! Sturdy toys stay back.
My new doggy toy!
We have bought a new doggy to her when we went for shopping. She was not leaving the toy even in Car while coming home, she was just holding in her hand. Even after reaching home, she takes it every where, where ever she goes.
Doggy, give pose!
Following are some of the scenes that we captured!
Mammu Sappidu!

Thoongriya? Aaraaro Ariraroo Kanne!
Doggy Dance!
Hey! Come for walk!
She is got a habit of throwing old ones, once she get something new. Check out the below picture. A sample.
Ah! New toy...!! (Check where is doggy?)
This doggy can dance. Check out how Thamizhini and Dog are dancing.

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