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Monday, April 2, 2012

21st Month

Thamizhini is nearing 2years shortly, I feel like she is just born but already 20months passed. These days Thamizhini is too much naughty and it is like no one can control her. She does not ready to obey for anyone's words. I believe that she is living in her own world where there is no one to control her. She never get frighten for my scoldings / yellings but animals. Yes, Animals.
Everybody is scared of me! But I'm scared of Miyaav
These days 'Cat' is playing an important role. Cat's "Miyaaav" makes her to close her eyes tightly and makes her to sleep. Her Daddy has a mobile application, which makes the sounds of animals. So while going to bed, he plays "Miyaav" and she hugs me tightly, so I have to struggle for breathing. :-) Even when she troubles others, we play that, so that she calmly come and sit on our lap. When she was born, we thought we should grow her up brave. But now, No other go!!! :-(
Resting after super play!
And for this month, her development is in to "Only Talking". Her little mouth never stopped and I could say that this is the month she learnt more words. I never thought that she could catch up these more words just in a week. She asks, talks and demands too! She can talk by making her own sentence, not like "get me milk". She tells "Apuchi utkarndhu sapdranga", "Ammayi phone le pesranga", "Pappa cycle le bye bye pore" "Mama bangalore le irundhu kalile varuvanga". I'm sure we taught her none of these sentences. She makes on her own and talks.
I help Ammayi in washing!
I could see all this difference in just five days. We had been to native for a week and after came back here, I could see how naughty she became. Before she used to listen my words and sit in a place and eats herself. 
No place to sit for me!
But now, she started roaming all over the house, climbing on chairs, chairs to tables, standing on her toy car, standing on her bicycle, always wanted some one to be with her, and if she wants something, she will ask by crying and rolling on the floor. :-D My goodness, I never thought she will become such rude baby. :-) The other big thing is she wants me always.
I don't want you
Yes, wants me or my hair. Now she is habituated of holding my hair while sleeping. Even while sleeping she needs it, her hand will be just moving and catching my hair even I move away from her. She knows that it irritates me, but still she can not help herself.
Making Apuchi frighten
Check out the below picture, how she rides on the bike! A sample for her naughtiness.
Bye bye!


  1. Kids are like that and she is a typical Kid.. Don't simply complain about her Dhama ...