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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Collections of the Month

Here it goes this month videos:

I don't know but somehow I got habituated using dryer to dry my hair after head bath. But that is not the topic which I'm gonna post. By seeing me, Thamizhini got to know how to use that. Whenever she bored of all her toys, she directly goes to the place where the dryer kept and takes in hand.  One day I was sitting on the hall and asked her to get comb for me to comb my hair. That day actually I had head bath but did not use dryer to dry my hair. But my cute darling went inside the room and coming back with dryer and comb.

I feel from the month of March, she started talking to much. But in this month her mouth never stopped even while having food. Talking Talking and Taking only. She started saying about what others do like, Ayaah paduthu thoongranga, Amma sapadu ootuunga and so many big words. In the below video she was telling that her dad is clicking Photo.

Thamizhini is again back with "Bharatanatyam". I hope these days, the Apt kids are learning below steps. That is how Thamizhini learns. :P

Check out how Thamizhini and her Dad play Cricket at home. He has brought a bat and ball and from that day, Thamizhini is sleeping, eating, playing with them only.

I think Thamizhini is so expressive in either way, crying mood or happy mood. If she is so happy, comes to me or her Appa and cuddles nicely. Also as she started talking, she always says Love you so much, Amma pidikum / pidikale kinda words. If she does somthing wrong, and if we are angry on her, she says Sorry, Paappa te  va, Thol -mele pottukare, as if she is consoling us. Sometimes she treats us as kid and says  azhathe, paapa te va, toys intha, paal venuma? Check out how she coos with me when she wants something.

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