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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Potty Time

As I said earlier, Thamizhini is very proper using Potty whenever she needs. She tells us or she directly runs to potty to suchu  / poop. Sometimes she is very much adamant when we say to use potty for peeing, but she runs to potty when she wants to use for poop. And these days her routine got changed and at night before going to sleep she wants to use once. But I doubt whether she really wants to use, because we switch off all lights when every one is ready to go to bed. She does not like this, so she wants one reason to switch on the light. Sometimes this will be even after one hour that she has gone to bed. Grr....

Check out what she has done while using potty:

She likes to see "Jingu Jingu" song from "Myna" and knows how to do that dance step. By seeing the song for many times, she is habituated for doing that step. Thamizhihi's Aaya was worried and asking me like "Enna kannu, Thamizhini appdiye pannitu iruka" by seeing her doing that.

She likes to have one or the other book or some toy in her hand when she uses potty. Check out how she reads Kudumba malar book: 


  1. Azhaga padikkira as if she really knows how to read :) . I love the way she reads and speaks. Cutie