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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Thamizhini Knows!!!

What Thamizhini knows.... She knows lots of things... yeah! Lots of Animals and Birds, lots of Objects, Colors and  Rhymes! Generally kids want to stay occupied on one or the other thing and they need more fun pastime. Thamizhini once started walking, we were not able to control her inside the house. As basically she has much interest in seeing books and also she handles books very nicely, turns each page as a Pro.

One day when I was bored at home(six months back), I thought of hanging some charts to her. So whenever she is bored, she can simply look at it. And my basic intend was, she will not simply  disturb others! The charts were hung in a way that she can look into that from any where and from any position :P But this little tot had trick. She always wants one or the other to carry / lift her and show the chart. Grr..... Yeah. And she will not get satisfied with one or two charts. She had to see all of them and then only she will be ready to get down from us. Spare a minute to think about us. :D

Check out the below video to know what she knows. I'm very happy at least these charts made her to remember the things what she sees every day!

I like the way how she tells "Yesch Pappa", "Up above..(Twinkle...)" and "Thiruppi kettal Poochai" from Dosai amma Dosai! She remembers all the rhymes and tries to tell whenever we sing for her. If any one wants to know what she sings, they must be knowing what rhyme it is.. Got it????

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