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Friday, January 13, 2012

Appa's Birthday

Today is my daddy's birthday. This is his second birthday with me. :P 

I know, for this birthday, Appa has got many gifts from Amma, I don't know why she gave that much. Ok Appa, Anyhow from my side, I can just wish you with a message. But my wish is precious than Mom's, because I struggled a lot to learn this, "Aappy Bothday Balji Pa". Thank you Amma for teaching me this.
Appa, Are you Ready? We are!!!
It was a wonderful birthday celebration that I have ever seen (???)  in my life (yeah, for 18months). I have gone to many birthday celebrations, but they were all too crowded and much noisy too. They burst balloons and do some kind of sparklers. This all makes me scary always, hence I generally do not like to go to Birthday parties. May be knowing this, Amma planned Appa's Birthday at home. Oh! So, do you think, If I don't get scared Amma would have thrown a huge party? Na.. Na.. She would have just cut the cake by placing in a chair itself. Check out my daddy's last birthday celebration, and even my mom's too, for how they celebrated.
Appa, after cutting cake, please gimme these balloons.
Amma decorated the hall with "Happy Birthday" stickers and Balloons. I know what you must be thinking now? Did I allow her to do this? Hmm.. Amma knew me, and she completed this before I return from Park. When I entered home, I was so excited to see the stickers and tried jumping to catch the them. But Amma told me that I have to drink Complan to grow double in size. :P So I left the idea of jumping and started asking Amma to help me out.
Well Set for cutting cake.
As usual Appa came little late than planned, and he did not realize the decorations after he entered home. Yeah, he is not like me. :D But once he saw it, he was so happy and excited than me. I was wondering who is kid here, either me or my dad. He was that much delighted and happy to see Birthday Cake too. Till then everything was ok, but once I saw the birthday caps, I felt frighten. I know, to encourage me and not to get scared anymore by seeing birthday parties, Amma bought these caps and planned in this way.
Appa, Ready, 1-2-3 Happy Birthday to you....
Amma placed a candle on top of the cake and when it was lighted, it sang a happy birthday song. Once the song was over, he blew off the candles and cut the cake. I ask Amma to upload the videos too, in that you can see, how long he took to cut the cake.  Yeah, really! But at last, he finished cutting the cake and he fed me little bit of cake. As I was scared to see the birthday caps, Appa removed the cap from him. Yes, then only I went to him to taste the cake.
Hmmm... Nice taste.
Hmm.. What for I was waiting till then? :-) any idea / any guess? To taste the cake? No... No... No... To get the balloons and stickers in hand. But Amma gave me only balloons and any idea what happened to those stickers? Hmm.... She did not give it to me and stored it for next birthday :-(

Happy Birthday Once Again Appa!!! and Thanks for reading :-) 

With Lots n Lots of Love,


  1. உம் தந்தைக்கு எம் வாழ்த்துகள்.

  2. மிக்க நன்றி. ஆனால் பெயரை வெளியிட்டிருக்கலாமே?

  3. Belated Birthday Wishes !!! Thamizhini, Pleas convey my wishes to your dad :)