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Monday, January 2, 2012

18th Month

My sweet little one is one and half years old now. Yep! Great 18months. Till one year, there were not much change, just growing in size. But after one year, everything got changed. She is not like how she was yesterday and it is same for the next day too!
I was feeling guilty (or relieved???) as I stopped nursing her and felt that I may not have enough time to spend with her. But this little one is not changed and she feels like, you feed me or not, but I need you for everything. Be with me when I awake in the morning, Give me bath, dress me, feed me the breakfast, lunch and dinner, play with me and of course sleep with me.
Amma.... Intha Mum Mum...!!!
I was thinking that Thamizhini would be "Daddy's Daughter" once I stopped nursing her. But no way. She is still the same and more dependent on me. Nothing is moving around without me. She needs me in each and everything. I feel really happy for this and more than that I love this bonding. I want this to be continued till the end of our life. But sometimes I feel like, what if I'm not around, say for one or two nights? I don't think Nalin can manage her and she would end all day crying for me. It would be really tough.
Appa... Amma kaiyile :P
Thamizhini's favorite time pass for these days is folding. She likes to fold whatever she gets in her hand. It may be a lengthy towel, hand kerchief or even her cloths. She does it, the same way as we do. First she shakes off the cloth, then put it on the floor or bed, and tries to fold it. But poor girl, never folded one cloth properly. Sometimes she put the towel on her and tires to fold it, as we stand and fold the cloths.
Thamizhini knew how to pray to God, but this month she learnt to pray by saying slokhas / song. She was imitating exactly how her dad was doing it. Everyday morning when he prays, he sings the song that started as "Paalum theli thenum...". So Thamizhini started saying that and imitates by doing the pooja in empty hands. She says the song as "Paal venu...paal venum...then venu..." like that.  We used to make fun as saying, "whatever happens, let it happen, but she wants milk to drink". We tried our level best to capture this, but Thamizhini was most interested in seeing camera, so once she realized that we are capturing her, she stops saying and comes to camera. Naughty...

How do I look?
As I said she spent most of time by chatting to herself. Do you want to see, how she prays to God, and how she reads a magazine? Check out the video below:

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