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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rishmy Akka in Chennai

My friend Benazir with her family had come to Chennai and she visited us on Sunday evening. It was really a wonderful evening for us as it was a long time back that we had met. I liked to see my friend but I must admit that I was more interested to see my friend's Daughter Rishmiya. She is such a wonderful darling to be with, she is too smart for her age and she likes to share her things when she play with her mates. I love this habbit as I have seen so many parents struggle to solve sharing issues with siblings and friends.
Rishmy: Thamizhini's Catch!
Thamizhini did not have an idea about who is coming home. But once they are at home, she started playing with Rishmy nicely. They both were talking, playing and Thamizhini was most interested to show her all toys.
Treasure Hunting for them
They spent really short time at home, but even then kids were enjoyed very much. At last Rishmy did not even have mood to go back to Bangalore, she says that she will stay here with Thamizhini. :-)
Thamizhini: That's the frog I used to like when I was small baby :P
We (me and nalin) like her Idly (Chubby) cheeks :P The specialty of the below photo is, that Rishmy is looking at her Mom and Thamizhini is looking at her Dad, as both Benazir and Nalin clicked the picture. But Photo came good :-)
Rishmy's best friend Priya had come with them and Thamizhini also easily attached to Priya. They all three were playing nicely with toys.
Priya Akka.....

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  1. It was a wonderful moment to be with Thamizhini . Liked your yummy cutlet dhama. Hope we meet up again !