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Monday, March 28, 2011

Food Habits

We started giving Rice, Dal and Vegetables from the month of February and it was like not much, just introduced one by one vegetables to her. Initially we fed her only vegetables for a week, then started adding Rice and Dal to it. She liked to have this as till then she was tasting only Raagi Porridge, cooked fruits and juices. All kind of semi solid and this is solid thing.

Dr advised to give Carrot, Beans, Peas and Potato. Initially each vegetables for 2days and from next week onwards we mixed all these vegetables and gave it to her. Later we started including other vegetables like beetroot, cauliflower, ladies finger and other kootu vegetables like peerkangai, poosanikai, keerai. Really she liked to have all these compared to raagi and cooked fruits.

I have to clearly say one thing about her food. I don't add salt or sugar to her food and even Raagi. Dr. told that it is not necessary to start any sugar and salt until she gets fed by me. But others used to complain me that how she will eat without any salt / sugar. When i asked Dr about this , she told how does she take mothers milk, Is there any salt or sugar added? Likewise even fruits and vegetables don't need anything else extra. Her answer satisfied me and after that I never bothered to listen others.

Once I started going office, I regularised her food timing. She gets up in the morning around 7:30 and after 1hr she takes raagi porridge then after some time she gets bath. After 1 to 2hrs I will feed her and make her to sleep then I will march to the office. She will take lunch by 12:30 - 1:30 and the food menu will be, whatever I said above. Around 4 or 4:30 she takes one cup of Orange or Musambi juice and around 5 she will take cooked fruits either Apple or Pear. Now days she does not like Pear much , but Apple is ok. But she likes banana a lot. Our work will be easy when i feed her banana.

And in the night, Dr advised to give Ceralac wheet. She liked it for a week and that is it. After that she does not take it to her mouth at all. So now days I'm giving rice in the night. I have to ask Dr for alternate foods. Everyone must be surprised why I'm depending on Dr. for everything. Because I'm really comfortable with her and I followed her advises for my baby till now and really my baby gained weight as per the charts. And ofcourse, this is a proof, when others come and interfere on her food habit. I can stop hearing their advises and tell that Dr will not allow this. :D

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