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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It Hurts.

I hate Train journey in a seating class (Chair Car). I had talked about the journey in the last post itself. Everything started after few days since we reached Chennai. Thursday night Thamizhini did not sleep well and she was crying while sleeping. She was simply turning left and right of her. I was simply sleeping by thinking that why this little one is not sleeping. How dumb I am?

When she (either me) woke in the morning, I could see her nose is oozing. She has got cold and that is why she was not able to sleep in the night. And I could feel the baby's temperature also bit high. But it was not like very high to give Crocin syrup. I thought she will be alright by evening as it is just a cold. But everything turned out of my way, as temperature keeps on increasing. Unfortunately her father need to go out of station that day and I felt sad that I have to manage Thamizhini alone in this situation. Somehow I made her to sleep but she was not able to sleep because of cold and fever. I fed her Crocin in the evening but she was not ready to take that. But I forced her to drink and she took only 2ml out of 5ml. I did not want to force her as she was crying from the morning. She was not able to sleep in the bed as her nose is getting blocked so I put her on my shoulder and made her to sleep. She slept for some time and when she woke around 1'O clock also fever was not reduced, so thought of giving Crocin again. This time also she was reluctant to take it, but I forcefully gave her. As she was hesitating to drink that, she was getting sensation of vomiting and suddenly she vomited everything that she had from the evening. My goodness, I was totally shocked as she is not taking medicine and even somehow we force to drink also she vomits. I was worried, how this fever will get reduced without medicine??? She slept after some time and again in the morning also I tired to give Crocin but again she vomited voluntarily.

I was looking horrible and did not know what to do to stop her vomiting. I thought of taking to Dr but getting appointment is tough and as that day was on Saturday, hospital will be over crowed. I called Dr and briefly told what is happening to her. But the Dr is very cool and told me to take care of myself. I worried as the next day would be off to everyone and no Dr. will will be available in hospital. Somehow i argued her and managed to get an appointment.

I tried to give food in many ways to her and she is not at all ready to take a bit. I passed the time till evening and we started to hospital, by the time fever was 102.5. I never seen Thamizhini like this and even in hospital also she was just lying on me very calm. I felt really bad on myself that I was not able to give medicine to her, or somehow make her to drink. Waited for my turn for around 1hr, then we met the Dr. Dr was so angry on me as I asked her to give Antibiotic to the baby when I talked on the Phone. But I'm not angry on the Dr as she used tell me every time that Thamizhini is very healthy and gaining weight as per chart and doe snot prescribe anything other than necessary. And basically the Dr. does not like to give anti biotic for each and everything. she tries to heal without it. But after checking Thamizhini she felt that she is suffering too much and she told her throat is sore and infected  a lot. Now I realised the reason why she is not taking any form of food. I was hoping that she will give injection and to my disappointment she suggested powder kinda medicine which i need to dilute and give to her. I was in terrible shock and thought how can I give her this medicine as she is not taking anything in her mouth. While coming back to home I was thinking this only . Then got an idea that my friend Preetha used to tell that give the medicine or put the filler in deep throat where the syrup cannot touch her tongue or where she cannot taste it. After coming home I tired that idea, and she was crying like anything to take medicine. I felt like I'm heartless! Antibiotic for 3 times a day and Crocin was still 5hrs once. Somehow i managed to give, but  still she vomited sometimes.

That night she slept with help of medicines and i woke her in the middle for giving Crocin twice, but still she vomited little and the bitter thing was all the medicine came out. but i forced her and fed as i thought to myself that if i do not give forcefully, then this will not be cured. i continue this medicine and Crocin for Sunday too. and fever started coming down. I made her vegetables soup and gave little warm. she drank that as she was starving from 2days.

By Monday she was OK and only thing we wanted to continue that medicine for 5 days. I stopped Coricin as fever reduced. I cannot forget these whole two days in my life. Her voice itself changed because of cold and throat infection, also she cried like anything for 2 days just to take medicines. Even though she had high fever and cold, she cried only for taking medicines;  Whenever or wherever she sees the filler or spoon with syrup she started crying. but otherwise she did not cry for anything. She was simply laying on me or on the bed and as she was so tired and like to lay on my shoulder and reluctant to go to others.

Poor baby! I felt really bad for this and main cause is that train journey. I HATE train journey.

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