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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

8th Month

This month special is Thamizhini's studio photos and our family photos. Have a look at some of the photos!!

She is exactly like me, my 11 months photo is ditto to this.
Just a pose, she never does this voluntarily
Chwweet Family
This one too just a pose! I was holding her leg ;-)
I like this one very much, I was sitting beside her talking something.
My brother commented this photo as a cute one and suggested to do a blow up like wall paper and stick it in a room. As we stay in a rented house, we cannot do this. But Anna, you can do this in your new flat. We are all waiting to see that and Once Thamizhini grows up, she will know that her Mama liked her very much.

As I said, the photos came out very well. Now I think of the moment when I felt lazy / tired to go to studio for taking these snaps. I think, If I would have missed it, I wouldn't have had these precious photos with me and not any time in future. I mean Thamzhini's this age photos (even though we click now and then).

And about her developments, I don't see much improvements in crawling but she likes to sit and sits properly. I think she enjoys sitting and likes to see the surroundings of happenings (?). And nowadays she blabbers more and more. Her little mouth does not stop, always chanting some slogans :-)

I want to share about her food habits. As I said earlier, these days she does not like to eat Apple also. Likes rice, dal and vegges, but no apple or pear. But as usual likes to eat banana and juice.

We are going to visit our native shortly, this weekend. Guessed the reason? Yeah, going to put mottai (mundan ceremony) for her in our temple. She will be in 9th month as per Tamil calender and this is the auspicious month for doing this ceremony. But I'm little bit worried about the journey becoz, as I started working, I don't want to take off and go in day time in sleeper coach, as train will start after 11 in the morning and reach native only in the late evening. So this time we are going in seater and let us see, how the travel going to be. So, in next post you guys going to see Mottai Thamizhini :-)

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