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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thamizhini's Dictionary

Thamizhini's Dictionary is growing very fast and as of now it almost has minimum of 100 verbs. We are very sure that we have taught her only 25% of words, remaining all are her efforts in knowing words. She just absorbs what others talk and says! 

One day, She was playing on the bed and when I called her for dressing, she told me "Amma 2mins". I'm astonished to hear that lovable cute words from her.

The other day, She was asking me something and I was not paying attention to her, She pulled my pants and pleading me, "Amma Please"! Oh God! she listens what we talk and uses for her context.
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And she knows to tell, Amma ku, Appa ku like that, when her Ayah brings milk to her, she says "Pappa ku Paalu".
Till now she was calling her Dad by name, like "Balji pa" and now she started with my name. We never taught my name to her. Once when we asked "Amma peru enna" she took 30secs to think and says, "Bammindhi" (yeah, for Dhamayathi). I was so happy to hear that and I was asking her again and again. So now she started calling me, Bammindhi Amma... Bammindhi Amma. Would love to hear this whole day :-)

She knows everyone's name, who play with her. When we ask for her friends, She says Na(r)en Anna, A(k)chiya akka, Neya Akka, Nithu Akka, Tha(r)aa Akka, Siddhu, Sandheep, Parthiban and so on. Yes, she pronounce correctly for last 3 names.

Otherwise she has big list of words to use:
Pappu - Parupu / Dal
Idee - Idly
Bochai - Dosai
Pooyi - Poori
murkku - Murukku
Bapathi - Chapati
Appota  - Sapota

Popu - Soap
boppai - thoppai  and kuppai, It is our responsibility to find out the context  :-)

She use to tell like this: "Paapa, 
nikke (nitkren)
ode (odren) 
koonge (Thoongren)
erre (climbing)
ernge (getting down)
pathu (paduthu)
endhri (Enthiri)
pumma - chumma
pamru - kamnu iru
bump - jump
hands up! sit down.

"Pamiyini (Thamizhini) / Paappa bathma utkare", bathma means "Bathirama" 

She says. Nalla pulle, Ketta pulle, Ayi pulle and even good girl, bad girl, dirty fellow.

I know this list will be growing and growing.... Never ends!

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