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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Now I know my A B C !

Well, Everything started in ABC song. When Thamizhini was around 2 to 3months, we used to talk with her always. Yeah, simply we try to interact with her. If we simply sit idle or if we don't talk to her she will start crying. And mainly while giving bath, I must be active to talk than to give bath. 
Amma, I'm gonna play on this!
I used to talk anything which comes to my mind and I'm sure that will not have to be related to previous topic. Only thing is that she wants to listen something. Some times I sing songs to her. She loves "Mukundha Mukundha" from Dasavatharam very much. She would be very active, in the sense, she would be smiling at me and she would throw her legs very fast, when I sing this song to her. And later I started singing ABC song and after sometimes started saying one, two three by showing my fingers. She will just see my fingers and my mouth. :-)
I know how to use books.

Now as she grown up, she knows how to play her ABCD toy to sing a song for her and she likes to play with alphabets too. We have alphabets and initially she likes to play on that, play in the sense, just open the box then drop them top down. She never tires to arrange it at all, but later we started showing her alphabets board where she can keep them in their respective place.

Whenever she gets bored of herself, she used to go and get her board, then play on her own. I hope you would have watched, how Thamizhini uses books. She just turns page as if a Pro, who have read more than hundred books. I like that style and she handles  books nicely. But sometimes, when she gets angry or when she feels naughty, she used to throw or stand on the book.
Amma, Look at it, I'm done.
As it became her usual game, she started knowing the alphabets, and now she knows min of 15 letters. She does not know in order, but when she sing the song, she does it. But while playing, she picks any alphabet and places it on the board. She knows where to place the alphabet, even if she does not know what alphabet is that. When we ask an alphabet which she does not know where to place it, she looks at the alphabet in my hand, then looks at the board and compares with the image, finally she places on the correct place.

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