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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Amma Birthday!

This is my second birth day with my baby Thamizhini! Wow... If I tell like this, I feel my age has come down... :P As usual, a big cake, new dress and full of happiness! Thamizhini woke me in mid night to wish "Happy Birthday" in her cute voice. Check out the video below how she says "Happy birthday".  A birthday gift from Nalin and a card from my daughter made my day special. 

The birthday card for "Mommy" was so cute and the words were so nice. I'm sure Thamizhini knows nothing about the card, but may be her daddy wants me to become that kinda "Wonderful Mommy!":P

Below decorations were ready when I entered home from office. Thamizhini was so happy to see balloons and were telling Happy Birthday... its kinda of chanting for her!

The decoration!
It is a fruit cake, decorated nicely and the taste was yummy! I had tough time in blowing off the candles.
Fruit Cake!

With my Athai!
Check out her singing....

Hope everyone would have loved her singing. Finally yummy cake to taste!
Tasting cake!

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