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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Outing With Apuchi

Thamizhini's nap time is totally changed after she turns one and I'm sure that no one is sadder to see naps disappear than Mom. Before she used to take 2 naps that is morning around 11 and afternoon around 3 / 4pm. But these days its only one and we feel better if it is in the morning time or at least 11:30 to 2:00. Those two to three hours of sleep helps her to be active for the afternoon's "work" of being a toddler and also lets my mom to catch up on cooking, laundry or whatever other work.

I'm not Tired!
But actually getting her to sleep after 2:00pm can be a challenge for her nights sleep. So we don't do it even if it is required few times. For ex. if she get up late in the morning (sometimes around 10:30), we won't make her to sleep in the afternoon. After lunch around 4pm, in fact she feels sleepy! or at least she feels cranky to be inside at home and tries lot of ingenious ways to go out of the house. So we take her to the park to play for some time and of course her sleepy mood will go off.

Hmm... Light thookam varuthu,,,!!!
Actually it is Apuchi's duty to take her out when ever she wants. Even Apuchi is quite good in managing her out side. Not inside the house :P. So two times a day (morning and evening) is must and other unplanned outing also will be there sometimes like as I said. She likes to walk on the walking lane and likes to sit for sometime to explore the birds, mainly Pigeon. Check out the below video, we used to see this now and then, even Thamizhini likes to see it often.

This is the only place she always likes to sit and see kids playing. She knows Crows, Pigeons, Sparrows and Squirrel. Sometimes she runs behind sparrows and crows to catch. As she is seeing Pigeons from her birth, she knows it  and identifies it. 

Apuchi, Kaakka!!!
I'm still remembering that she started saying Kakka in her 9th month and from that time her Apuchi taught her saying that was not kakka, but Pura. But she never accept as Pura, even though she knew that is Pigeon. Even if he says 100 times Pura, she will say 100 times as Kakka. Check out the video how they both fight for this.

The below one is her Apuchi's work. Do you think Thamizhini would have allowed to do this? She never allow to do anything on that. She likes to drop the bag upside down and likes to see the block pieces going around the house. That is it!!!

Howz it?

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  1. Photos are very good. Thamizhini is also cute.

    Ne Kaaka-ne sollumma. I Support you strongly.