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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cherishable Video

I'm sure it is one of the Cherishable videos that we captured Thamizhini ever. She was sleeping calmly and  we were just cleaning and arranging the bed room for us to go to bed. I heard a giggle sound from her and I looked at her, but no movements from her. She was sleeping so deeply. Then again after 2 to 3 minutes I heard it again. We were wondering and wanted to see what is happening. Me and Nalin sat over the bed near to her and were watching her. And to my surprise she giggled in sleep more than two to three times again and in no time she went back to sleep again! 

Then we got an idea of capturing her, yeah! it does not mean that we forgot to capture, but we lost ourself by seeing her giggling in sleep. But for God sake, she gave an another chance to capture her giggle and we did it in wasting no time.Checkout the video for this lovely moment:

I always wondered by seeing her activities while sleeping. Sometimes she crawls to one or two steps in sleep or just get up and sit for a minute then  again goes back to sleep. Lovely Dolly.... Ummmaaaaa!!! 

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  1. Chhhhhho Chweeeeeeeet .

    Its a wonderful capture Dhama !!!