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Monday, June 6, 2011

Anniversary with Thamizhini

06 -06 -2008 - Me and Nalin got married, so today is our 3rd Anniversary and this year, we have a special reason to celebrate. Last year Thamizhini was in my stomach with almost grown up stage and if I remember (or calculated?) correctly, she was 34th weeks old :-) And now Thamizhini is 11months old baby... Time runs very fast and still i could not remember how 2010 passed.
I'm standing on my own..!!!
Today we are in Bangalore for my brother's house warming function and we celebrated our 3rd anniversary in my Anna's New House. It was a total surprise for me and Nalin as my brother have ordered a cake to cut for us. It was written as "Cake sponsored by Thamizhini". We were so happy for that special cake which my brother planned in his hectic schedule. Thank you so much Anna for the cake and celebration.

Ellam metl aayiduchu!!!
We cut cake with Thamizhini and she is so excited to see the candles and the crowd who were asking Thamizhini to blow it off. Thamizhini helped us to blow off the candles and cut the cake.

Thamizhini helps Appa n Amma to blow off the candles

Cutting the Cake!!!
Her dad fed little piece to this cutie and this little cute pie tasted nicely. 

Finally, cake to taste :-)
My brother's friends were there and as per their request (???) we each other fed cake. Yummy!!! The cake was too tasty and special Thanks to Ranjith for suggesting this flavor of cake to My Brother.
Appa, Amma kai-ye kadichidatheenga!!!

Enaku mattum appa konjama koduthutu, amma ku ivlo periya piece -ah?

Finally, we all set for a Family snap!!!

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