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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Is there any reason to take picture of her?

We use to click photos of Thamzhini now and then like whenever she wears a new dress or whenever she looks very naughty or whenever we make her naughty and Of course basically we don't need a reason to click photo of her. Also she loves to see herself in the video or in the photo. Really don't know whether she realises what she is seeing, but would like to see and laugh at her some times.

The following are some of the photos that we clicked in different places (? inside the house only) and her expressions were depending on her mood.
The below one we clicked on Pongal. Looks like she is laughing at a joke uncontrollably.
Baghavadhar, Kai le Thaalam pottu paattu padraanga
I was just showing her anklet and she was trying to catch in her hand. I could admire this photo often by seeing her concentration and thanks to my hubby for clicking this.
What can I say about this? I just love this one.
When my mom is here, Thamizhini used to get head bath all the days and in the evening around 3 or 4 O clock my mother used to apply oil. Oil to her head in the sense, it is not 1ml or 2ml; It will be minimum 5ml to 10ml I hope. On that particular night, I was just playing with her and I noticed her hair was standing straight here and there.  I thought I will make spikes and this is how it looked once I'm done. :P  Look at the below picture, she looks happy for her hair style. Is not it?
Me and Thamizhini posed together for this photo. But I could see some earnest look on her face. So thought of editing it and placing as a separate one.
How do I look, like a Boy or Girl???

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