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Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Daddy's Birthday

Hiya, today is my daddy's birthday. I don't know how old is he, But I wish him for a wonderful birthday ever. We cut  Black Forest cake (Mom ordered, that is what she likes) and I tasted little bit.

Amma calls appa like this :-)

Yummy!!! Waiting for my piece
My granny prepared a wonderful breakfast (Kesari, Medhu Vada with Sambar and Curd, Sweet Pongal and Pongal). Everyone ate and I watched them :-( Dr. advised to have solids from next month, else I could have had nice breakfast.

Mom, Don't worry, you are at the back :-)
My Mama also was here with us to celebrate Dad's birthday. 

Maama, Pls shave your beard, Its piercing me.
Anyhow I enjoyed much as all of them were in Happy mood.
It is really a wonderful birthday for Appa.

PS: Hope, Appa will celebrate Mom's birthday too with Cake and Gift. :-D I love you amma.


  1. Good Script... Thamizhiniyea nerla vandhu pesarea mathiri irruku ;-)

  2. Belated wishes Nalin !!! Paaru Ungammava, Unga appavukku pidicha flavour order pannama, avalukku pidicha maathiri order panni irukka .. Ne vidaatha.. Rendu adi kodu en saaaraba :)