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Sunday, January 2, 2011

6th Month

We had celebration on our Apartment for the eve of New Year and looks like Thamizhini enjoyed by seeing the colored lights and decoration done for the stage. For us, this was the special new year because one little Princess joined our little family.

Oh! Amma, Is this New year 2011?
Happy New Year to Every one... :-) 

So, Whats the plan for new year Amma?
This is one month past, that I started going to office and Yes I miss Thamizhini as mush as she does. It is really a hard feeling and that cannot be expressed in words easily. In fact my office is very close to my home, so I can jump in any time whenever I want. But still, I miss her a lot.

Amma did this, I love Appa too!
I come home once at lunch time and that is it. Then I come back only by 7 O Clock in the evening. As she is completing sixth month now and Dr. suggested to give her Raagi Kool (Finger Millet Porridge) in the morning and continue with Juice and Cooked Fruits for rest of the day. She likes to have Apple, Banana and Orange juice. As I said earlier she does not like Pear much. But still we give :-)

Oh! Its Preetha Aunty's present, Amma forgot to show!
I have to tell about her developments. I hope every one would have watched her hand coordination. Like that now she wants to catch all the things that she see through her big rolling black eyes. The one place she admires a lot in the house is, KITCHEN. If we take her to Kitchen, then we should be very carefull to hold her, else she will jump out of our hands, by seeing the shining utensils. If possible she will turn her head 360 degrees to stare the things.
Amma.. Pls, No Photo...
She is able to sit with pillow support for max 1 min. Dr. advised to make her sit only for 1 or 2 mins, but this little lady does not like to lay on her back or even stomach. She wants someone to take her and roam the house or atleast make her sit on the bouncer so that she can roll her head to all corner of the house.

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