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Thursday, December 2, 2010

5th Month

Yes, As I thought, this month my baby rolled over, able to hold her neck without much shaking, able to sit straight with our support! If I put her on the mate in the floor, she moves to & fro, sideways and makes a full round in the mate. I love to see these developments.

Now I realise about the learning thing. Babies are too much interested to learn and see new things. She has learnt so many new things and nowdays she plays actively with toys, even though she cannot go / run and get it! But one person should be with her to show toys and play with her. If no body is around, as I said earlier she started making huge noise to call our attention. She enjoys listening to songs and rhymes and of course she smiles and blabbers when we sing for her! And I must admit that I use this trick to click photos of her!

Dress is a present from Tamilselvi Ahai :-)
But she get scared to see toys like bears (basically which is big in size and big to hold) and she is not ready to touch at all. She just turn her head otherside and even if I force to show that toy, she starts whining. Poor baby, it won't eat you da! But You guys must know one thing about my baby: Her all time favorite toy is Frog, (yeh, I think of "Princess and a Frog") Generally Girl babies love to hold / play with Bears, but my baby is opposite, or I think she needs to grow little bit older to know about these things. 
Im able to catch it!
I'm very happy for onething, that is. she sleeps in the night, yeh going to sleep around 9:30 to 10 (or  max 10:30) and wakes up only in the morning around 7 or 7:30 (with two feedings in the night and diaper change). She proves that she has grown up to some extend to show us when she feels sleepy, by rubbing her eyes and nose!


  1. She is smiling very nicely d... Oh Gr8!!! She sleeps in the night.. Very Good :)

  2. Yeh, I hope I'm ready to start work!