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Monday, February 4, 2013

Ngoi Ngoi

Ngoi... Ngoi.... Any idea? Any one has any clue about it? Hmm.... That is a language and Yes, it is English language. Yeah, that is how Thamizhini says. As she started going to school, she learns many things and one of the thing is English.

Here at home we do speak English, but not a full sentence. We do speak few common English words that Thamizhini can understand like, hug me, kiss me. And of course Thanglish, Pen Kodu, mobile edu, school bag enge kinda. And I know, can't escape from these words.

But what does that mean ngoi.. ngoi... Check out the video you will understand about the meaning.

Ha... Ha... Yeah that is how her teachers talk in the class room! And she says Ayamma are talking nicely i.e she says "Azhaga pesuvanga". I asked her what do they talk and she told me the below thing.
"Vanga.... Vanga Thamizhini, vanga Atchaya, shushu poyikalam."

All others are talking ngoi ngoi only in school including her Driver uncle. :D This is what my daughters English knowledge.

To all Kidzee teachers: Please don't mind my daughter. :-)

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