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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Everyday Dialogue!

Thamizhini's after good night and good mornings words are always same, "School ku poga vendam"! 

This is how the dialogue went today:

Thamizhini: School -ku vendam. ( I don't want to go to shcool)

Me: Eh da pogale? Ponathaane friends parkalam. (Why? If you go only, you can meet your friends)
Thamizhini: Enaku friends parka vendam. (I dont want to see my friends)

Me: Hmm.. pona thaane, neraya Rhymes sollalam.(If you go, you can know many rhymes)
Thamizhini: Enaku rhymes venda (I don't want rhymes)

Me: School pona thaan ABCD padikalam. (If you go only, you can learn ABCD...)
Thamizhini: Na ABCD veetuliye padichikren! (I learn ABCD at home only)
Me: Aww........... (Why did I teach her ABCD at home???????????)


  1. Anbuvennila Anbazhagan: good one dhamayanthi.. very clever tamizhini!!!

  2. Awww.. thats so cute of tamizhini...