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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Whats up with Bharatanatyam?

We have brought this cute Shalwar kameez for Thamzihini for her birthday and we wanted to check whether it is in her size. We made her to wear the new one and check out her expressions. 
Howz my Bday dress?
She was so happy to wear that Shalwar kameez and more than that she loved that Dupatta. You could see that she was holding her Dupatta with her neck. :P

Amma, Dupatta vizhathu illiya?
Also once she completely wore this dress, she started doing Bharatanatyam steps. Yeah She could relate the costume with Bharatanatyam, as our apt kids used to wear Shalwar kameez while practicing.

Check out her Bharatanatyam steps. Yeah, same old and not much improvement, I guess here kids were on vacation hence Thamizhini could not learn any new steps :P

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