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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Affectionate Darling (பாசக்காரி) - 2

Cuddles, Hugs and kisses are a perfect cure for all!

I have read somewhere that the above three words boost kid's health, confidence and  their mood on everything.  I'm sure I have done many gentle rubdowns when she was small and I knew she liked and enjoyed it. Cuddling and hugging are always part of our every day. Even though she does not like to hug and cuddle us sometimes, I pull her and do that. then she loves it. If she is too much happy for something, she kisses and hugs us. And if we are not happy for her, she knows how to convince us. 
Check the below video how she consoles me when I say that "I don't want to be here and would like to go to Ammayi". I really liked her reaction (especially 1:57) when I told this. :-) 

She likes to offer kisses and hugs to me any time whenever I want and whenever she wants, but it is limited to her dad. And sometimes never to her Grannies. Hmm.. think about outsiders. She never does it. Very rare that she kisses and hugs them. Even though we ask her to do that, she will not. It is totally depending on her mood and in that cases flying kisses would work and of course a high five too! 

Check out the below video that how she threatens us saying that she will beat us. Actually me and Nalin were talking something and in-between she came and was telling not to talk. Look out her body language! And of course at last a tight hug consoles everyone. :-)

Check out the below video how she kiss the boy doll which has been kept in a shop for showcasing the cloths for boys. And check out how she gets shy after kissing that doll! Lovely cuddly darling !!!

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