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Monday, April 25, 2011

Summer outfit!

I use to give bath in the evening / night before she goes to sleep. I started this habit when she was 2 months old and still I'm continuing it. As summer started here, we cannot stay inside the house and we could feel the hot air even inside the house. So we march out to the kids park in the evening to get some fresh air. And Thamizhini used to play swing and Duck there. She would be sweating like anything, hence the evening bath these days makes her happy and makes herself feel fresh.

We started using A/c in the room and changed her night outfit. Look at the pictures below for how she is dressed up in the night to go to sleep.

I want to sleep...

She does not see any differences on her dress but I feel happy to see her in this dresses and she some what looks lean and lengthy :-)

Naan valarndhutennnnn....
I bought around 3 colors and took snaps every night to post this :P


  1. Hi Nalandhamayanthi,

    I am sudarvizhi. I saw this blog from vadivu's facebook comment. I am happy to write a comment because I got surprised and so happy to know that tamizhini is one of my friend's daughter.Nalin and I are UG class friends.I think I talked to him when he was in coimbatore.Congratulations to both of you to have a girl child.God bless you with good health and all prosperity in this world.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your comments Sudarvizhi. And Kudos to FB. Have told about your message to Nalin... :-)