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Friday, September 10, 2010

Naming ceremony

She is Thamizhini now. Yes, finally we named our baby. We had very limited choice for the names as the Astro and Numero - logy give tough choices of letters. It was "say", "so", "tha" and "thee". As no better names in say and so, we decided to fall on "tha" and we had "Thaarika", "Thaarakai" and "Thamizhini". I liked Thamizhini most and next Thaarakai, but my husband liked Thaarika as it looks little modern. Besides this, he wanted the name should equate numerology, but that did not happen for "Thaarika". Only Thamizhini matched and I'm happy for that. He started telling that he named the baby as I liked.. No other go, Is n't it? :-) 

Some of the shots from the naming ceremony:

Tasting Honey
Me saying the name

Writing the name on paddy

Presents :-)

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