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Monday, May 14, 2012

Clever Conversation

Thamizhini is not well for past two days and she is suffering from severe cold and fever. And whenever she gets cold, i get in another 2days. That is a unwritten rule. Grrr.....

As she is not well, she could not sleep for long hours, and what else, woke up in the mid night and started playing. Her Appa accompanied her while I was asleep and he captured the below video. They both were playing and talking. Check out the video how Thamizhini cleverly talking.  

When he showed this video in the morning, I could not stop laughing at her and seen that video more than 10 times. Actually she was having a lotion bottle (for mosquito bites) on her hand and playing with that. Her Appa was asking like "What are you doing?". She was talking very clearly and cleverly, but she did not answer her Dad's question and just passed time.

She cleverly replied "Naana, Utkarnthutu iruke (I'm sitting)" and also in that video she imitated how Naren (Thamizhini's friend) look at her.

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