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Thursday, November 17, 2011

What am I doing all time at home? - Part III

For Part I and Part II

Yeah! It is me again :-) Mom is too lazy to write and publish my activities. So I have taken in charge for this post! Like older posts, in this too, I'm going to write how I pass time at home. I have some videos to show and I'm sure you are going to enjoy those videos and of course you will feel sad for my mom :-D
I'm not going to Sleep!
That particular day, Amma was not well, so had gone to hospital and took injection too and she was in antibiotics. You can realize from her voice. Because of that I was not able to play with her much. I was waiting for her to sit idle and once she sat, look at the video what I was doing to her. :-)
Circus... I'm sitting on the Ball!!!
Check out the second clip of the video and see where I'm sitting! Yes. If it is missed then I'm sure I will be on the floor. But what is wrong in trying hard games? :P

 Whenever I get bored, I used to go to the Window and start talking to Kakka. Yes, It is Kakka only, Amma says that is pigeon, but as I'm not able to pronounce that, it is kakka for me. :P Check out the video how I talk to them and how I call them for food! And second clip shows that how tough it is to make me sleep. Appa is begging me to go to bed :-D

The big problem for Amma  these days is putting me to sleep. I don't know why, but I'm not getting sleep! If I tell this to Amma, she is getting angry on me :-( But once I feel sleepy, I will cry like anything as I don't know how to tell that I feel sleepy. Look at the below photo, how I sleep on her. She was in to deep sleep and me too! 
This is how I sleep!!! Amma cannot escape from me!!!
Most of the time I do naughty things and make Amma angry. This is the one and only task I have as of now. Check out the below video, how I irritate Amma and then instead Amma getting angry how I get angry on her :D

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