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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Saraswati Pooja

This is second Saraswati Pooja for Thamizhini. Last year she was very small and she did not know what was happening at all. But this year she was wondering from morning the time that she woke from bed as I was busily cleaning the pooja shelf and arranging for pooja. Also, this year too she does not know what is special on this Pooja.:-)
I'm Ready Ready...
Previous day iteself we have bought all the required things like Vaazhaikandru, Thennanguruthu, Poo and Maavilai, also importantly Sundal and Pori. But Thamizhini slept early that day and she did not see all these things, but in the morning after the bath, she started romaing and found lots of interesting stuffs for her. But some how we arranged for the pooja and look at the below picture for how it looked.
Ah! Saamy ku ethuku Thengai n Pazham???
Also look at the books that we have kept in front of Goddess! The top one is Thamizhini's "Brown Bear Brown Bear" :-)
Ah... Pori and Sundal too???

This is how we decorate for Pooja each year and we started Pooja by 9:45. We generally offer Pori and Sundal for Saraswati Pooja, so after Pooja as Prasadam we gave Sundal and Pori to Thamizhini. She ate those and I guess she liked it very much. We used to give Sundal now and then, but Pori is the first time for her. She loved to eat it. 
Amma, Why didn't you tell about / show Pori  for this long?
In the evening we had been to "Dhandeeswaram temple" in Velachery and spent almost an hour there. The temple is very big and Thamizhini wanted to walk on her own. So we sat for sometime leisurely in the temple and she was just walking here and there. 
Naan valargiren Amma.... and Thankyou Maama for this wonderful cute dress.. All matching matching.. :-)
I'm very much surprised to see this, because she used to get scared for most of the things like, if see sees someone coming near to her,  if people talk in louder voice. But these days she never cares about anyone, as if she is the only one in the temple, she was walking and running sometimes. Also she goes to other kids and calls them as "Paappa... Paappa.." And sometimes says Hi and gives Hi5 if we ask her to do so!!!. Oh! My little one is growing old and knows how to behave with others.

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